Wild Tweed : What’s in a name…..

Wild Tweed : What’s in a name…..

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So you wouldn’t be the first to ask where our name came from – and it’s a fair question….

It wasn’t a quick decision by any means. Half a notebook in fact, filled with pages and pages of words that one would associate with the great outdoors. We still aren’t entirely sure who had that final flash of inspiration, but we will all happily claim that it was quite possibly us.

Back in December, at a desk in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, work began on a small yet luxurious event (as yet untitled) that would offer its guests a one-of-kind experience. A chance to join like-minded families and communities at a world-class venue, to enjoy exclusively designed activities, exciting workshops, insightful interviews, fine dining and fabulous live music.

The event quickly started to take shape but the question remained, what do you call a luxury country show?

It took several weeks of discussion, research, site visits and head shaking. Early options included Not Another Food Festival, Outdoor Live and The Great Outdoors, none of which set the team on fire. And then, finally, back at that same desk, somehow it all started to fall in to place. ‘Tweed’, that luxurious, reliable fabric, synonymous with the countryside, started to shout at us from its spot in amongst the scribbles.

On its own ‘Tweed’ felt too obvious, a little stereotypical perhaps. Inspiration came from another page of notes that had already been disregarded and long forgotten. ‘The Wild Outdoors’, a slightly inappropriate combination of words, which had raised more than a few eyebrows, was written at the bottom of the page. I remembered writing the words, the intent being to convey a sense of fun, individuality and interest, but we had moved on quickly when the laughter started….

A frenzied few moments followed with various word combinations being shouted around the room and, somewhere in the madness, ‘Wild Tweed’ managed to halt the voices. In a now silent room, it was furiously written, underlined and highlighted, a perfect mix of sensible yet fun, traditional and also fresh, reliable but ever so slightly defiant.

As the show grows, Wild Tweed has become more than a name, more than a brand. ’Is it Wild Tweed enough?’ ‘Is that too Wild?’ and ‘Is that too Tweed’ are regular questions within the team. Ultimately, it is the benchmark that we use to measure what our guests will enjoy and it has the final say.

If you think you might be a little (or a lot!) Wild Tweed, head over to our guides to Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. We have left no stone unturned to bring our guests a stunning mix of bespoke activities, luxury brands, fabulous performances on The Wild Tweed Stage and thought-provoking interviews on our beautiful sofa.

Embrace Wild Tweed, it suits you….